Proven Solutions for Medical Device Manufacturing

In the medical technology arena you're faced with some of the most challenging demands in the business world. Compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies, stringent quality assurance requirements, and the urgency of accelerated timetables due to increased global competition are but a few of the obstacles you must hurdle just to throw your hat into the ring.

Expandable clears your path to success with a proven solution that meets both your system and regulatory requirements with a straightforward and cost-effective approach.

ERP for Government-regulated Companies

Expandable's integrated ERP system includes specific capabilities to manage your complex manufacturing environment and maintain FDA or international device compliance. You'll better manage costs and margins while adhering to the strict quality and regulatory requirements of your industry.

  • Lot Tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Shelf Life Dating
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Multi-currency Accounting
  • Product Data Management
  • Product Cost Management
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Versatile Inquiries and Reporting
  • Quality Management
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA)

Expandable's medical technology solution combines regulatory experience with rock-solid manufacturing capabilities to provide medical device manufacturers with tools to increase competitive advantage, sustain high quality standards, collaborate effectively with the supply chain and maximize customer satisfaction.

Watch the Video: Expandable ERP for MedTech Manufacturers

Points covered in the video:

  • About Expandable
  • Medical Device Categories of Expandable Customers
  • Medical Device Classification Panels of Expandable Customers
  • Expandable ERP Product Breadth for Regulated Manufacturers
  • Key Features for Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Integration to Peripheral Business Systems (CRM, PLM, QA, BI, etc.)
  • Expandable FDA Validation
  • Customer Support Model
  • Customer Results