Expandable Software, Inc. Releases Powerful, Intuitive and Flexible Business Intelligence Analytics Tool to ERP Customers

Santa Clara, CA – May 31, 2012 - Expandable Software, Inc., a leading provider of integrated business management systems for growing manufacturers, announced today its release of Expandable Analytics, a powerful business intelligence product that provides Expandable ERP customers a dynamic, easy-to-use executive reporting and detailed analytical business tool.

Expandable Analytics delivers executives timely access to key business information through a convenient series of user-configurable analytical graphics and data grids. Using a direct connection to Expandable data, the tool provides rich meaning to real-time data in a straightforward, easy-to-use application, allowing accelerated decision-making across all areas of the business including sales, finance, manufacturing and quality. Data rolls up to graphical presentation and provides the ability to drill down to transactional detail, bringing data to life and allowing users to manage the look and presentation as required by your business.

“Expandable Analytics represents our continued commitment to providing customers with cost effective advanced business management tools that are powerful yet easy to deploy and use,” said Jerry Lass, founder of Expandable. “This product offers executives uncomplicated access to critical business metrics that they can monitor and analyze in making accelerated business decisions.”

“We’ve assembled a series of pre-built pivot grids that ship with the product. This enables customers to gain powerful insights into an array of familiar metrics as soon as the application is installed,” said Dennis Payton, Expandable’s executive director of product marketing. “In addition, by using a drag and drop pivot table structure, the grid reports and graphics are highly and easily configurable. A customer can easily and intuitively design, modify and save new views to drive visibility, and provide an every angle view of the business, thereby delivering real-time actionable data.”

The product is available immediately to Expandable’s growing base of ERP customers.

About Expandable Software Inc.

Expandable develops, markets and supports an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite designed to help executives and managers of fast-growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of manufacturing operations. Expandable’s fully integrated accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while CRM, e-business, and supply chain functions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships, and streamline transactions.

The Expandable system is targeted to Medical Device and High Technology manufacturers who need a dependable business foundation that will support their growth all the way to the billion dollar mark.

Expandable is located in California’s Silicon Valley and is on the web at www.expandable.com. For more information, contact Expandable Software, Inc., 900 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: 408-261-7880. Fax: 408-247-2160.