Expandable Software, Inc. Partners with BizNet Software, Inc. to Offer BizNet’s Excel® Business Information Suite to Expandable Customers

New product offering makes innovative Microsoft® Excel® -based solution available to all new Expandable customers and provides an upgrade path for existing Microsoft FRx® software users.

Dallas and Santa Clara (September 9, 2010) — BizNet Software, Inc. and Expandable Software, Inc. today announced agreement and launched product packages of BizNet’s Excel® Business Information Suite and the BizNet Software Reporting Product suite combined with Expandable ERP specific financial content availability for Expandable customers.. The agreement also makes BizNet’s Excel® Business Information Suite the product migration path for current customers presently using Microsoft® FRx® software for financial reporting. Previously, Expandable distributed Microsoft FRx®.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Expandable Software to a rapidly expanding network of partners and resellers who recognize the immense value the BizNet product suite offers their customers,” stated George McMann, CEO and founder of BizNet Software. “Businesspeople are comfortable using Excel for their reporting and analysis needs. BizNet extends users' familiarity with Excel by providing access to the financial and operational data they need for all of their reporting requirements, using meaningful business terms. Expandable’s customers will be able to exploit BizInsight™ to access their wealth of data and leverage that information to measurably improve analysis and decision making.”

BizInsight™ provides intuitive and powerful report development, sharing and analysis capabilities to business users in a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet environment. The solution’s ability to link to real-time financial and operational data from across an ERP system gives users the assurance that they are working with data that is both secure and accurate. BizInsight’s™ unique ability to enable user-directed, dynamic and multi-dimensional information drill-down provides a level of business insight not found with other reporting tools.

Expandable is a fully integrated software suite that contains everything needed to run an efficient manufacturing operation. Accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while it’s sales and marketing, e-business, and supply chain solutions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships and streamline transactions.

“Our customers face reporting and analysis pressures in their business every day,” commented Bob Swedroe, President and CEO of Expandable Software. “We wanted to provide them with an easy-to-implement solution that would meet those needs and help them realize immediate productivity gains. BizInsight™ does all that and more. It's a solution that doesn’t just access general ledger data, but also allows content development and access to data across the ERP system, so we believe it’s the comprehensive reporting solution our customers have been asking for.”

About BizNet Software

BizNet Software®, Inc. (BizNet) builds pre-integrated Excel-based business reporting and analytics products for the mid-market. Founded in 1996 to take the mystery out of databases, BizNet focuses on data integration guided by financial and accounting professionals with a real-world understanding of corporate financial, operational and technical requirements to extract and present data with efficient, powerful and easy-to-use tools that leverage existing financial and desktop systems. Its flagship product, BizInsightT, creates a real-time link to business data for dynamic access to the most accurate and current data in Excel-based spreadsheet reports. BizNet Software is a privately held company based in Dallas, TX. More information about the company is available at www.biznetsoftware.com

About Expandable

Expandable Software, Inc. develops, markets and supports an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite designed to help executives and managers of fast-growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of manufacturing operations.

Expandable’s fully integrated accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while CRM, e-business, and supply chain functions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships, and streamline transactions.

The Expandable system is targeted to medical device, high tech and other manufacturers who need a dependable business foundation that will support their growth all the way to the billion dollar mark.

Expandable is located in California’s Silicon Valley and is on the web at www.expandable.com. For more information, contact Expandable Software, Inc., 900 Lafayette St., Suite 400, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: 408-261-7880. Fax: 408-247-2160.