Expandable Software, Inc. Announces New E-Commerce Platform Product Partner, Cypress Digital Media

SANTA CLARA AND MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – July 1, 2013 – Expandable Software, Inc., a leading provider of integrated business management systems for growing medical device and high tech manufacturers, announced today a strategic partnership with Cypress Digital Media and the release of its seamless e-commerce extension to Expandable’s ERP system.

As on-line business and commerce booms year over year, businesses are looking to capture their share of the estimated $1.3 trillion that global on-line B2C shoppers are expected to spend in 2013. B2B e-commerce is expanding equally as companies continue to seek a higher level of accuracy in order fulfillment and customer/partner satisfaction. Expandable’s partnership with Cypress accelerates deployment of e-commerce solutions and other digital business applications, saving businesses time, effort and maintenance of customer and partner e-commerce web portals while maintaining the integrity of their back office ERP order fulfillment process.

“This partnership provides three key benefits to our clients,” says John Ghashghai, Co-Founder and Managing Partner Cypress Digital Media. “Together we offer Expandable customers a rapid implementation, a scalable and feature-rich platform that can expand as needs grow, and the confidence of knowing the integrated e-commerce and ERP environment will continue to work seamlessly in the future.”

Cypress Digital Media works with a widely distributed and trusted e-commerce platform that serves over 150,000 businesses worldwide. Cypress Digital Media has worked closely with Expandable’s development team in the design and development of intricate integration points with Expandable ERP/MRP presenting a seamless order fulfillment and end-user visibility experience of the complete end-to-end order process.

“Cypress Digital Media’s scalable e-commerce products provide a consistent Expandable philosophy” Bob Swedroe, President and CEO Expandable Software, “growing businesses on a consistent affordable scaled down platform for SMB customers with the unique ability to expand and scale up the same platform to large scale enterprise corporations without a fork lift change out of the base system.”

“Cypress Digital Media’s scalable e-commerce products are consistent with Expandable’s philosophy," said Bob Swedroe, President and CEO of Expandable Software, "which is growing businesses on a consistent affordable scaled down platform for SMB customers with the unique ability to expand and scale up the same platform to large scale enterprise corporations without a fork lift change out of the base system.”

Both Cypress and Expandable share a common end-user goal of maintaining a business investment while offering enhanced capability. As a business expands and grows requiring a deeper and wider solution, add-on features allow for that expansion yet the platforms allow for an affordable entry point with highly competitive commerce features for businesses just entering the market. This partnership is truly a compatible alignment of seamless product solutions but also business value alignment driving a deep partnership with end-customers.

About Expandable

With a high degree of customer-focused partnerships, Expandable develops, markets and supports an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite designed to help executives and managers of fast-growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of manufacturing operations.

Expandable’s fully integrated accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while CRM, e-business, and supply chain functions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships, and streamline transactions.

The Expandable system is targeted to medical device and high technology manufacturers who need a dependable business foundation and responsive business partner that will support their growth all the way to the billion dollar mark.

Expandable is located in California’s Silicon Valley and is on the web at www.expandable.com. For more information, contact Expandable Software, Inc., 900 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Phone: 408-261-7880. Fax: 408-247-2160.

About Cypress Digital Media LLC.

Cypress Digital Media is a new breed of interactive agency. The company was formed with a simple underlying mission: Deliver world-class digital solutions for our clients, while building lasting, trusted relationships.

Cypress Digital Media provides an array of consulting services centered around Mobile, Web, and Digital Marketing, as well as off the shelf solutions in the area of eCommerce and Mobile applications.

Cypress Digital Media is headquartered in Mountain View, CA with a second with a second office in San Diego, CA. For more information, visit http://www.cypressdigitalmedia.com, or contact Cypress Digital Media, 650 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: (650) 257-0741. Fax (650) 268-8636.