Expandable Software, Inc. Introduces Web Services APIs

Santa Clara, CA – October 24, 2014 – Expandable Software, Inc., a strategic provider of best-in-class business management systems for growing medical device and high tech manufacturers, announced today the introduction of new Expandable Web Services APIs delivered in RESTful technology with supporting JSON data transfer structures.

The Web Services APIs provide developer-friendly access to critical areas of Expandable’s proven ERP business logic with a high degree of data integrity. With RESTful technology interfaces the data exchanges are lightweight, fast across the web and provide widely accepted application integration to transactional databases. In addition, the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data structures allow for ease of application parsing of the data and are human readable for ease of basic programming skills.

“Our primary objective in delivering a new application programming interface in front of our business logic was to provide for ease of programmer use without any heavy need for customer support,” says Dennis Payton VP of Product Marketing and Development at Expandable. “We believe we have achieved this as well as succeeded in designing in a very easy-to-use development kit complete with test utilities and examples that make the learning curve very manageable for a basic IT programmer.”

These Web Services provide the catalyst for creating simple yet powerful ERP extensions including e-Commerce, customer management, supply chain logistics, employee expense management, mobile warehouse applications and more. Expandable customers are already defining new and interesting time-saving ways to integrate with custom applications that require connectivity to financial, product management and customer fulfillment data to reduce errors and deliver increased visibility for business decisions and control.

“I’ve been very excited to get this project completed and out to the market,” stated Stephen Braddy Senior SW Developer at Expandable. “The design is lightweight and with dynamic data exchanges and handling, these interfaces also facilitate very solid mobile, web-based or desktop application integration to our ERP core. Our customers are already looking for cool ways to use these services and that is all you can ask for as a product designer.”

About Expandable Software, Inc.

Expandable develops, markets and supports an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite designed to help executives and managers of fast-growing companies maximize business performance by maintaining visibility and control of manufacturing operations. Expandable’s fully integrated accounting, engineering and manufacturing modules provide a solid back office foundation while CRM, e-business, and supply chain functions deliver front office tools to manage business relationships, and streamline transactions.
The Expandable system is targeted to medical device and high technology manufacturers who need a dependable business foundation and responsive business partner that will support their growth all the way to the billion dollar mark.

Expandable is located in California’s Silicon Valley and is on the web at www.expandable.com.