Applying the Efficiencies of Electronic Communication

Expandable's e-business solutions use real-world technology to streamline supply chain interaction and build more profitable business relationships. A comprehensive set of secure tools opens your business to the efficiencies of the Internet and electronic commerce.

Empower Your Partners

Expandable's e-business tools empower your supply chain partners to transact directly with Expandable from anywhere, at any time of day or night. Whether they're on the other side of the world or around the block, your customers, remote employees and strategic partners will appreciate universal, around-the-clock access to critical data.

Increase Customer Service While Reducing Costs

By delegating key elements of the order administration cycle directly to customers, Web-based transactions dramatically reduce the cost of order processing and customer support.

Your customers, sales reps and distributors can enter orders directly, or check the status of existing orders at their convenience, increasing customer service and minimizing your cost of sales.

Manage your inventory transactions with hand-held devices that minimize manual entry and speed the flow of materials. With Expandable's wireless data collection tools, your productivity will soar and inventory counts will remain accurate and easy to maintain.