Strategic Deployment of Business Systems

All companies do not have the same enterprise system needs as they grow, so a one-size-fits-all approach to ERP deployment is not the most productive tactic. A company's system requirements are unique to its long-term business goals and competitive strategies, so the more versatility a system offers, the more utility the company will be able to gain from it.

Economical System Deployment

Cross-departmental integration is a must, but not all companies are ready to implement CRM, PLM, QMS, eCommerce and other solutions at the same time they implement their ERP system. That's why Expandable’s modular approach offers growing companies a "just-in-time" deployment model that spreads the cost and complexity of advanced software features over time.

The Expandable Difference

Through broad core system functionality and integration partnerships with the industy's top enterprise software companies, Expandable offers a highly adaptable set of options that helps customers deploy the right combination of advanced functionality to meet specific business needs while remaining affordable to implement and reasonable to manage.

ERP and CRM Integration Options

Expandable CRM

Expandable’s own integrated CRM module provides an affordable option for growing companies that need to manage a productive sales force and provide quality customer support without the complexity and expense of more elaborate CRM systems.

Integration to Salesforce CRM

Expandable ERP Integration for Salesforce CRM connects your Expandable ERP business infrastructure with the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) product for a 360 degree view of customer activity across the entire enterprise.

Integrated Quality Management Options

Expandable Quality Management Module

Expandable's Quality Management modules make key quality-related information directly accessible through Expandable so growing manufacturers can produce superior products by applying solid quality management principles at every step of the production cycle.

Expandable ERP Integration for AssurX

Expandable ERP and AssurX provide customers an integrated platform for building quality management functionality and processes that can be configured to fit the specific business requirements of companies needing to meet government and industry regulated quality standards.

Integrated Engineering Options

Expandable Engineering Change Management Module

Expandable's Engineering Change Management module supports the planning and tracking of all phases of the engineering change process from the time a change request is originated, through approvals, to final release and implementation.

Expandable ERP Integration for PLM Systems

Expandable's PLM Integration Adapter creates a synchronized data link between the Expandable ERP system and third-party product lifecycle management packages including Agile, Arena, Omnify and others.

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