Driving Your Success on a Solid Business Foundation

As your business grows, your needs become more complex. Multiple plant sites, international monetary exchanges, and numerous product lines are just a few of the challenges that demand more versatility from your business systems.

More than ever before, your decisions are driven by the goal of gaining market share by dominating the competition.

Fully Integrated Enterprise Tools

Expandable's strong back-office ERP suite provides the foundation, while integrated CRM, e-business and supply chain management tools maximize your marketing and support energies to minimize your costs of sales. With your growing sales force becoming increasingly de-centralized, integrated reporting and analysis tools provide the visibility necessary to manage sales and support relationships with customers and prospects.

Expandable's eCommerce tools streamline supply-chain interaction by applying the efficiencies of electronic communication. You'll build stronger business relationships while minimizing manual processes as customers and business partners obtain secure up-to-the-minute order status and shipment information online.

Meeting Industry Standards

As you expand, regulatory pressures increase. With solid GAAP-compliant business logic Expandable provides the necessary checks and balances for maintaining auditable business transactions. Expandable's internal controls and processes help you meet industry requirements including ISO, RoHS, GMP, SOx and FDA compliance.

Supporting Your Success

Expandable's support services professionals play a key role in ensuring your systems always have the right amount of headroom. As you continue to grow your business, Expandable's support reps work closely with you to identify and implement advanced tools based on your business goals, strategies and vision.