business analytics

Complete Operational Visibility

Expandable's reporting and analysis tools provide clear sight of the key metrics driving your company. You'll be able to monitor and improve every aspect of your execution by transforming data analysis into informed business decisions.

Enterprise-wide Access to Information

From simple built-in queries to multi-dimensional analytics, Expandable empowers system users all across the enterprise to make more intelligent decisions.

Expandable's reporting and analysis options help your entire organization minimize waste and increase business performance:

Expandable Analytics™
Expandable's highly interactive business analysis tool combines drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of pivot tables to present Expandable data in meaningful views for management examination and analysis.
Query by
Examine your production data using Expandable’s unique Query By Example feature that allows every user to make powerful ad-hoc inquiries using multiple selection criteria. Locate specific details with just one time-saving multi-dimensional search.
Use the industry’s most popular reporting tool to tailor custom reports that keep sight of your important production measures. Crystal Reports™ supplies the foundation for the hundreds of standard reports that ship with Expandable.
Expandable’s executive information tools puts your most critical metrics front and center with a customizable dashboard that highlights your key performance indicators.
Expandable data is formatted to work exceptionally well with familiar business tools like Excel to easily capture and present data in pivot tables, spreadsheets, graphs and charts.
With Expandable Alerts™ you gain a business watchdog that monitors your operation to notify you of anomalies before they become problems. Trigger email to your customers, suppliers and business partners when their orders ship or inventories deplete.
Financial Reporting Use the Excel-based financial reporting platform from BizNet™ to build and distribute your balance sheets and financial statements. Create and format easy-to-read charts and graphs using the familiar Office tool that's a favorite of finance and accounting professionals.
Standard Reporting
Hundreds of pre-built reports and inquiries ship with the system providing instant visibility of orders, finances and production data. Use Expandable’s comprehensive set of pre-built inquiries or build your own.