Expandable Software, Inc. provides a strategic option for growing companies who want to integrate their business without making a capital investment in ERP software, hardware and implementation.

Expandable On Demand provides the integrated manufacturing and accounting tools featured in our traditional ERP suite without the complexity of an on-site installation. There’s no software to install or hardware to set-up. You gain all the benefits of full-featured ERP software without building and supporting a complex IT infrastructure.

Advantages of the SaaS Model

Expandable On Demand features a pay-as-you-go monthly subscription fee that provides many distinct benefits over traditional on-site deployments. With no software to purchase and no lengthy implementation to endure, your company will be up and running on the Expandable system in a short time with little up-front expense.


Cost-Efficient: The system is upgraded, maintained and supported by Expandable, so there’s no need to invest in expensive network infrastructure. There is no up-front software investment and ongoing expenses are predictable.
Accessible: Since the software is web-based, Expandable On Demand is ideal for companies with distributed business operations. System users at remote divisions or supply chain partner sites can log into the system safely and securely from wherever they access the Internet.
Secure: Expandable On Demand provides a level of protection that’s hard to achieve in a stand-alone ERP deployment. We're experts with highly skilled networking personnel, stand-by power, and up-to-date security infrastructure. Your data is backed up religiously, and network redundancies ensure
continuous service.
Flexible: Expandable On Demand can be deployed to the entire organization, a single division or single user. You pay as you go, and as your organization grows you simply add more users as needed.
Low Risk: With no large up-front investment or long-term commitment, the subscription-based model minimizes the need for a prolonged, in-depth system search and evaluation process.

Pathway to Productivity

With Expandable On Demand, you minimize your up-front expenses and get your organization working as one in the shortest possible timeframe.