Gallery of customer testimonial videos

Expandable customers tell a consistent story in describing the benefits of their implementation and the positive support they enjoy from the people of Expandable. Click on any of the images to initiate the related video and find out what your company can expect when you choose Expandable as your business system partner.

Gordon Brush

Gordon Brush manufactures over 15,000 industrial and specialty brushes and has been using Expandable ERP since 1991. See how their ERP system has kept pace as they've expanded business operations and added multiple divisions.

IntegenX, Inc.

IntegenX is a startup company with a groundbreaking new product. Find out why Expandable was chosen to replace QuickBooks as IntegenX was ramping up production and preparing to meet the challenges of their expected growth.

Cardiva Medical

Cardiva Medical, Inc. is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of innovative vascular closure devices. Discover how they use Expandable's reporting capabilities to measure production costs and make appropriate adjustments to improve productivity.