Gallery of customer testimonial videos

Expandable customers tell a consistent story in describing the benefits of their implementation and the positive support they enjoy from the people of Expandable. Click on any of the images to initiate the related video and find out what your company can expect when you choose Expandable as your business system partner.

Trimedyne, Inc.

Trimedyne, Inc., a manufacturer of medical lasers, has increased control of its business operations by implementing Expandable ERP and finds that the system facilitates compliance with FDA regulations as well as the requirements of other international regulatory bodies.

Silevo, Inc.

Silevo, Inc. is a startup manufacturer of solar panels that is revolutionizing the renewable energy market by making solar affordable. Discover the benefits Silevo is realizing after replacing Netsuite with Expandable as they moved from R&D to production.

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Sonic is a Silicon Valley electronic manufacturing services provider that provides fast turnaround and responsive customer service by automating elements of its supply chain management through integration between its eCommerce system and Expandable ERP.