Assuring Product Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Regulatory Compliance

Quality Management

The quality imperative is a company-wide initiative, so Expandable takes an integrated approach to quality management that delivers enterprise-wide visibility of quality assurance data. With quality-related data accessible directly through Expandable ERP, you're able to transform your entire organization into a coordinated cross-functional quality team.

Built-in Quality Modules

Expandable’s native quality components provide an integrated foundation for making quality-related data available over the range of Expandable reporting and monitoring features, including business intelligence, alerts, inquiries and decision support. Visibility of quality information helps sustain high customer satisfaction levels and maintain compliance with industry-related quality standards (ISO, FDA, QS-9000, and others).

Partners in Quality

So Expandable customers can deploy the breadth of quality management tools that best meets their goals and strategy, Expandable has built integration to leading PLM and QMS providers:

Integration to Omnify

Expandable’s integration adapter for Omnify Empower PLM offers a unified location to manage product and quality data. With Omnify’s quality management forms, reports and alerts can be created and classified to represent any type of problem, including CARs, PARs, SCARs, NCMRs, and customer complaints.

Integration to Propel

The Propel PLM Suite is built on the Salesforce App Cloud, a unified place for everyone to securely see, share and collaborate on everything related to customers and products. Expandable integration with Propel extends that visibility throughout the enterprise to all ERP users.

Integration to Arena Solutions

Through Expandable's integration adapter to Arena PLM, customers are able to synch engineering and production data while taking advantage of Arena's all-in-one cloud QMS solution that unites compliance, quality, validation, training records, and document management.

Integration to QuadRite

QuadRite's RitePro enables companies to streamline product development and speed new products from concept to market faster than ever before while providing quality-related functions like CAPA, NCMR, supplier qualification, equipment calibration and more.

Expandable ERP Integration for AssurX

Expandable’s integration to the QMS platform from AssurX provides a complete software suite that helps regulated businesses easily identify and control risk exposure and avoid quality or noncompliance problems while improving workflow.