General Manufacturing

Visibility and control

ERP for Manufacturing

Integrated software for discrete manufacturing.

Discrete Manufacturing

Expandable customers include companies operating both simple and complex manufacturing environments in hundreds of small and large companies, including divisions of the most recognized names in their industry.

Whether you're an OEM who outsources production to contract manufacturers, or a repetitive high-volume manufacturer, Expandable can provide the right system configuration to optimize your business operation.

The Expandable system meets the financial, manufacturing and order-management needs of the following types of manufacturing operations:

  • Discrete
  • Repetitive
  • Batch process
  • Build-to-stock
  • Build-to-order
  • Mixed-mode
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Integrated Manufacturing

Where the entire team, from accounting to sales to production and engineering, is working as one by sharing the same version of the truth

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Integrated cost accounting assures profitable production

Maintain checks on all expenses that accrue as you procure parts, allocate labor, service returns, measure scrap and perform cost rollups.

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Know Your Profit Margins

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Schedule delivery of parts and inventory to align with demand

Expandable's MRP engine does the math to generate your time-phased procurement plan that can include measuring economic order quantities.

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Eliminate Expedites

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Reporting and analysis tools that foster good decision-making

Reap the value of your historical data by reporting on and analyzing your transactions to identify trends, hazards and opportunities.

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Make Data Your Partner

System at a Glance

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About Us

Expandable ERP delivers a complete integrated business foundation that supports companies of all sizes, from startups to large organizations by providing a cohesive business framework that supports the efficient processes and enterprise-wide visibility essential to profitable operations.

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