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Gordon Brush

Gordon Brush manufactures over 15,000 industrial and specialty brushes and has been using Expandable ERP since 1991. See how their ERP system has kept pace as they've expanded business operations and added multiple divisions.

  • Expanding established company
  • Multiple divisions
  • Long-term deployment

Cardiva Medical, Inc.

Cardiva is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of innovative vascular closure devices. Discover how they use Expandable's reporting capabilities to measure production costs and make appropriate adjustments to improve productivity.

  • Growing startup
  • MedTech company
  • Competitive market

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies

Sonic is a Silicon Valley electronic manufacturing services provider that provides fast turnaround and responsive customer service by automating elements of its supply chain management through integration between its eCommerce system and Expandable ERP.

  • Established EMS company
  • High volume manufacturer
  • Automates procurement

Trimedyne, Inc.

Trimedyne, a manufacturer of medical lasers, has increased control of its business operations by implementing Expandable ERP and finds that the system facilitates compliance with FDA regulations as well as the requirements of other international regulatory bodies.

  • Medical laser manufacturer
  • FDA compliance
  • International markets

Silevo, Inc.

Silevo is a startup manufacturer of solar panels that is revolutionizing the renewable energy market by making solar affordable. Discover the benefits Silevo is realizing after replacing Netsuite with Expandable as they moved from R&D to production.

  • Growing startup
  • Green Tech company
  • Replaced Netsuite

IntegenX, Inc.

IntegenX is a startup company with a groundbreaking new product. Find out why Expandable was chosen to replace QuickBooks as IntegenX was ramping up production and preparing to meet the challenges of their expected growth.

  • MedTech startup
  • Replaced QuickBooks
  • Ramping up production

Azul Systems

Azul found Oracle to be too much for their growing startup so they dropped it and implemented Expandable ERP. Expandable operates trouble-free while saving Azul money, reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.

  • Growing startup
  • Replaced Oracle
  • Reduced IT footprint

Group 7

Group7 is a Silicon Valley contract manufacturer that provides cost-efficient materials management to its customers. Learn how Expandable's ERP system helps Group7 handle the complexity of managing inventory for multiple customers and products.

  • Contract Manufacturer
  • Many customers
  • High volume inventory

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